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About Us

About Superawakening

Superawakening is a cluster of life changing programs conducted by the corporate trainer Deepak Kapoor on Motivation, Teaching Methodology, Selling Skills, Leadership Quality, Time Management, Positive Attitude, Self Confidence, Stress Management, Communication Skill and Sub Conscious Mind throughout India through Seminars, Workshops and Training Programs for Marketing Executives, Professionals and School Teachers & Students for Strengthening of Mountain Shaking Will Power through Motivation, Meditation and Maximization of Brain Potentiality.
These programs are designed for mental, emotional and spiritual development to use them to attain new heights in social, professional and financial development. These programs are conducted for corporate for their Marketing Executives & Back office Staff, for Public Schools for their Teachers, Parents & Students, for Management Institutions for their Students.

About Deepak Kapoor, the Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Counselor & Writer

Deepak Kapoor, the top Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Personal Development Counselor, Mind Power Development Trainer and Career & Life Coach, is a name rapidly popularizing with the people in India. His life changing Workshops are being liked by the people immensely. He inspires and encourages people, making them realize their true potential, his seminars and workshops are well known in India for their high quality content backed by his unique and entertaining style of delivery. His Heart Touching Philosophy for human life is attaining new heights every day.
Since 2009 Deepak Kapoor has been conducting the motivational training programs and personality development classes in various districts of India for Sales & Marketing Managers, Management & Engineering College Students, Public School Teachers, Students, Parents & Guardians and for the Students preparing for competitions or seeking jobs and preparing for the Interview.

PERSONAL & ACADEMIC: B. Com, LL.B., from Lucknow University, resides at Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh in India

OBJECTIVE: To boost the people for whatever they are doing and wherever they are, they should add another feather in their companies and families and the Nation can be proud on them.

GOAL: To organize training programs for overall 10 Lac people in India and overseas by 2020, to lead the Students, Executives, Teachers and Professionals for achieving their goal and to make them to get rid of frustration.

WORKING METHODOLOGY: Mediocre Teacher tells, Good Teacher explains, Superior Teacher demonstrates and the Great Teacher inspires.

PERSONALITY: A person having not only Mountain Shaking Will Power but can make others also to feel the omnipotence in them


He conducts the classes, seminars, workshops and training programs on

    • Communication Skill
    • Personality Development
    • Teaching Methodology
    • Selling Skill
    • Customer Service
    • Workshop on Leadership Development
    • Workshop on Team Work
    • Attitudinal Positivity
    • Time Management
    • Power of Sub Conscious Mind and its Development,
    • Logical Ability Development Programs
    • Right Brain Development Programs
    • Confidence Development Workshop
    • Will Power Strengthening Workshop
    • Interview Training

He has trained more than 17,500  Marketing Executives, Back Office Staffs, Students and Public School Teachers.

The Words Given by his Participants

Authoritative Speaker, Transformational Leader, the Great Motivational Speaker, Top Persoality Development Trainer, Eminent Philosopher, Prominent Educator, Creative Thinker, Great Dreamer, the Distinguish Corporate Trainer, The Perfect Blend of Oldest Indian Mythology with Newest Scientific Experiments.

and Many People Call him

The Meditation Guru

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teacher's trainer
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